Catalog of games

  • Aliens


    Aliens is a carnival game, a kind of pin ball game

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  • Anaconda


    Multi-activities, bounce, slide, climb, obstacles

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  • Animal land

    Animal land

    Animals theming playground area for the little kids, include obstacles, climb, slide, bounce,  ball pond, can go out in winter

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  • Aqua-Zoo


    Pool with 6 Animal themed motorized boats Pool dimension: 25ft x 30ft (over 15 000 gals of water)

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  • Arctic expedition

    Arctic expedition

    The kids travel through a 60ft long tunnel with the arctic world theming, can go outside in winter

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  • Atlantis


    Multi-activities, bouncer, climb, slide, crawl, obstacles

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  • Avengers


    Avengers super heroes mini-inflatable now available 

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  • Babies zone

    Babies zone

    play zone for the babies which include, foam mats, crawling tunnel, Little Tike slide and activities, mini-bus

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  • Backyard


    Backyard themed multi-activities for toddlers with obstacles, bounce, climb and Slide and more

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  • Balls


    Team building, sport and challenge, jump from ball to ball

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  • Basketball double

    Basketball double

    Basketball sport skill game

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  • Beach with paddle boats

    Beach with paddle boats

    Water pond used with the paddle boats available with 4 or 8 paddle boats contains 15,000 gallons of water

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  • Bears 2 go fabrick

    Bears 2 go fabrick

    Kids can make their own Teddy Bear 15 to 17 inches high, ideal for birthday parties

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  • Bizz-Bizz


    New for 2018 now available 

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  • Blue Beard Challenge

    Blue Beard Challenge

    Pirate themed challenge obstacles run inflatable game

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  • Boomerang challenge

    Boomerang challenge

    New for 2018 now available 

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  • Boreal 500 challenge

    Boreal 500 challenge

    Obstacles run themed car race with obstacles, climb and slide

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  • Boreal Express

    Boreal Express

    Multi-activities including bounce, bif baf, crawl, climb and slide, can be used in winter

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  • Boreal-o-saur


    New Archeological discovery, the Boreal-o-saur  is 2 large slides on a different run

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  • Boulderdash


    Sport game, challenging runs where 2, 3 or 4 teams can play together

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  • Bounce-n-Ball


    Bounce and ball pond for the little ones

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  • Bowling carnival

    Bowling carnival

    Carnival game, Player must lift 6 bowling pins with 1 puck (3 chances)

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  • Buccaneer


    Multi-activities Bounce, Slide themed Buccaneer / Oirates

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  • Bungee Basketball 4 players

    Bungee Basketball 4 players

    Excellent sport game, 4 players must makes as many baskets as they can within a limited time

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  • Bungee Football

    Bungee Football

    Competitive game between 2 persons who are pushing hard to deposit a marker the further down possible

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  • Bungee Run

    Bungee Run

    sport game, 2 players must run the further they can and deposit a marker

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  • Candyland


    Candy themed playground including bounce, obstacles, slide

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  • Canyon


    Far West themed obstacles run with obstacles, climb, slide

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  • Car mini-inflatable

    Car mini-inflatable

    Mini-inflatable car for birthday party for kids under 7 years old

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  • Car slide

    Car slide

    Double lane slide themed with old cars, can be used in winter

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  • Christmas House

    Christmas House

    Santa Claus playground including various activities, bounce, climbing, obstacles, slide excellent game for Christmas party and camping Christmas party

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  • Cinderella, Princess

    Cinderella, Princess

    Mini-inflatable themed Cinderella, Princess for kids under 7 years old

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  • Circus


    Playground for toddlers, Circus themed, can go out in winter

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  • Clown Joker slide

    Clown Joker slide

    Slide themed Joker/Clown / Circus

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  • Clowns


    Multi-activities game under Clowns / Circus theme with obstacles, crawl, bounce and slide

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  • Commando, boot camp challenge

    Commando, boot camp challenge

    Commando Boot camp Challenge game with various obstacles and slide

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  • Connect 4 Giant, on the other side Giant Tic-Tac-Toe

    Connect 4 Giant, on the other side Giant

    Giant Connect 4 game combined with a Giant Tic-Tac-Toe game on the reverse

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  • Construction zone

    Construction zone

    Obstacles run themed construction zone, with obstacles, climb, slide

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  • Cowboy


    Western themed multi-activities with obstacles, bounce, climb and slide

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  • Crazy Mouse

    Crazy Mouse

    Large playground with various activities such as bounce, various obstacles can entertain up-to 20 kids

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  • Disney combo  5/1

    Disney combo 5/1

    Disney themed Multi-activities, bounce, obstacles, slide

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  • Disney Extravaganza

    Disney Extravaganza

    Large multi-activities Disney themed playground with 3 slides

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  • Dolphin beach

    Dolphin beach

    Pool for paddle boats with dolphins theme comes with 6 paddle boats (contain 12 000 gals of water)

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  • Dolphins


    Multi-activities for toddlers with a variety of obstacles, bounce, climb, slide, can go out in winter

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  • Donjeon challenge

    Donjeon challenge

    Challenge the dragon going thru obstacles and escape by the slides

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  • Draco


    Inflatable game Multi-activities, bounce, obstacles, slide

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  • Dragon


    Bounce with a dragon theme

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  • Dragon slide

    Dragon slide

    Dragon themed slide

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  • Dragon’s town

    Dragon’s town

    Medieval city protected by a dragon  is a multi-activities run with obstacles and 2 slides

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  • Duel


    New for 2016: Obstacles run, climb, slide, crawl, team building

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  • Dumbo


    Circus themed multi-activities

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  • Dunk tank

    Dunk tank

    Sport game, you must hit the target to have the person sitting on the board fall into the water

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  • Elliot the dragon

    Elliot the dragon

    New for 2018 now available 

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  • Elsa combo

    Elsa combo

    New for 2016: mini-combo multi-activities inflatable game themed Frozen

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  • Enchanted castle

    Enchanted castle

    Castle Bounce with Bif-Bash can be used in winter

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  • Eurobungy 4 stations

    Eurobungy 4 stations

    EuroBungy High-Fly with 4 stations, you can jump and flip in the air

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  • Everest


    Climbing wall with obstacle and vertical slide (abrupt)

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  • Evil’s run (2 sections)

    Evil’s run (2 sections)

    Shorter version of the Evil's run which include challenges, obstacles, climb and slide

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  • Excalibur


    Medieval castle themed slide

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  • Extreme Evil’s run (3 sections)

    Extreme Evil’s run (3 sections)

    Extreme challenge for teens including various obstacles and they exit by the famous slide.

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  • Extreme Return

    Extreme Return

    Over 100 ft of obstacles with this U-shape challenge

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  • Fairy


    Fairy themed multi-activities including bounce, obstacles and slide

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  • Far-west shooting gallery

    Far-west shooting gallery

    Carnival game, Far-West shooting gallery (velcro bullets), 3 players can play at the same time

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  • Farfadet


    Multi-activities for the toddlers including a bounce, obstacles, little maze and slide, can go outside in winter

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  • Ferris wheel

    Ferris wheel

    Ferris Wheel themed inflatable game with multiple activities, bounce, obstacle, slide

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  • Firemen on duty

    Firemen on duty

    Firemen themed multi-activities including, slide, obstacles, bounce

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  • Flintstone


    Inflatable game Multi-activities, bounce, obstacles, slide

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  • Foam canon

    Foam canon

    Foam canon for large foam production for large crowd

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  • Foam machine

    Foam machine

    Foam machine for foam party for any special event, birthday party, end of school year, graduation, promotion, festivals, etc.

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  • Foam pit pool

    Foam pit pool

    Foam pit pool for Party foam

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  • Football Precision

    Football Precision

    Football sport and skill game throwing a football

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  • Free Fall Extreme slide

    Free Fall Extreme slide

    Extreme Free Fall Slide , very challenging

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  • Frozen


    Mini-inflatables themed Frozen including bounce 

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  • Frozen slides

    Frozen slides

    Frozen themed slides which include 2 slides

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  • Fun City

    Fun City

    New game for 2018 now available Fun City themed or Amusement Park themed multi-activities game including climbing, slides, obstacles et…

  • Galipette the frog

    Galipette the frog

    Small multi-activities for the little ones including bouncing area, ball pond, inflated animals and a little slide, can go out…

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  • Gator slide

    Gator slide

    Slide in the mouth of the aligator

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  • Geronimo


    New generation challenge run (back and forth) for a total run of 104 ft of obstacles, climb and slide

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  • Geronimo slide

    Geronimo slide

    Geronimo, indian themed slide, western

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  • Giant Aquatic

    Giant Aquatic

    Large surface playground with bounce, climbing, slide and obstacles, can accommodate more than 20 kids at the same time.

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  • Giant Trio toss game carnival

    Giant Trio toss game carnival

    Carnival and Skill game giant size. Each pannel is 5 ft wide x 8ft high, 3 different games: frisbee, darts,…

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  • Gift’s race

    Gift’s race

    Visit Santa's house, bounce and obstacles run, excellent for Christmas party

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  • Gladiators


    Challenge sport game where 2 gladiators are competing

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  • Guards


    Multi-activities game including bounce, obstacles and slide

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  • Happy Winter

    Happy Winter

    Multi-activities for toddlers including bounce, crawl, obstacles, climb and slide can go outside in winter

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  • High acrobatics combo trampoline

    High acrobatics combo trampoline

    Sport game, players are attached with harness and can make high jumps and flips

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  • High Tension Challenge

    High Tension Challenge

    High cardio challenge run with more than 140 ft of run, obstacles, climbing, slides

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  • Hole in One golf

    Hole in One golf

    Carnival game, Show your golf skill with this hole in one mini-putt contest

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  • K19 Racing trucks

    K19 Racing trucks

    Racing trucks is a carnival game which allow 3 players to play at the same time

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  • K24 Golf carnival

    K24 Golf carnival

    This golf game will allow you chances and time to practice you putting skills

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  • K3-The knight

    K3-The knight

    Take a picture of a knight

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  • K31 – Mysterious Fishing carnival

    K31 – Mysterious Fishing carnival

    The mysterious fishing game shall be played outside

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  • K4-Princess


    The Princess is a picture frame

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  • K5 – Clown

    K5 – Clown

    Take a picture of a clown at your kids birthday party

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